Case design

  • Overall planning

    Architectural space art exposition of the desire and pursuit of life in higher level, the use of "harmony" concept, purification and abstraction of the space language is full of emotion, and to reshape the spiritual values of the architectural form with the subject

  • Architectural design

    Architectural style is not only the modern human life style and the building itself, but also the social environment, cultural and spiritual activities of the historical symbol.

  • Interior design

    Villa interior space design at the same time, will consider the overall color, material, furniture, jewelry and accessories such as configuration of each element collocation effect, ensure villa decoration effect and ideal effect to achieve perfect unity.

  • Soft loading design

    Soft outfit design is not a simple display and display, each family life style represents a kind of understanding and pursuit of life.

  • landscape design

    Villa garden courtyard design is a comprehensive discipline, Beijing Heng Tak decoration provides garden planning, environmental landscape design, and the production of renderings, with visual effects to accurately reflect the concept of villa design.


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